Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy 

The Kemmerer Library Harding Township (herein referred to as “the Library”) regards Social Media as an important venue for the dissemination of library information. The Library also recognizes that social media sites are providing communication means that are new and evolving and that will assist the Library in informing the public about its programs, events (including those co-sponsored with other organizations), services, and collection. Special announcements, such as employment opportunities, may also be included.


The Library is establishing social media accounts that will provide limited forums that facilitate this sharing of ideas and information on library-related subjects and issues. At this time, these include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Library welcomes the comments, posts, and messages of the community and recognizes and respects differences in opinion. However, all comments, posts, and messages will be periodically reviewed by Library staff. Consistent with the Library objective of communicating ideas, opinions, and information only on library-related subjects and issues, the Library reserves the right, within its sole discretion, not to post and to remove or revise submissions or comments that are unlawful, off-topic, or violate this policy, and to the extent applicable, its Code of Conduct and other policies. The Library also reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to bar any user who violates this policy from the Library’s social networking sites.

  1. By posting on the Library’s social media sites, users give the Library permission to use their name, profile picture, and the content of any posting or comment they make without any compensation to the individual who made the post or liability on the part of the Library. This permission ends only if the user who made the post deletes his or her post.
  2. For purposes of this Policy, Library sponsored social media and related technology includes, but is not limited to, the aforementioned sites, video, or Wiki posts, other networking sites, chat rooms, podcasts, discussion forums, blogs or other similar forms of online journals, diaries or newsletters affiliated with the Kemmerer Library Harding Township. This policy also includes future social media technologies and applications that may not yet be contemplated.

Public Use Disclaimer

The Kemmerer Library is not responsible or liable for the content of postings by third parties on any Library sponsored social media site, and postings do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Kemmerer Library, its employees, or the Board of Trustees.