Reflections on a Special Community

An anthology of personal reflections of Harding Township collected from Harding residents. Dedicated to the Harding Township Centennial.

In 2020, as the world shutdown in response to the spread of COVID-19, Kemmerer Library launched  “Reflections on a Special Community”, as a way to bind the community together and in celebration of the Library’s 10th anniversary.

Our inaugural entry features a reflection from Ginny Moriarty. Ginny is near and dear to so many of us for her commitment to our community, and most especially the Library. She worked tirelessly to garner the support and funding to open the Kemmerer Library’s door. As a member of our community since 1997, Ginny has many stories to share. We are grateful she provided a glimpse of her interesting and rewarding life in our community. 

Ginny’s memories sparked others — young and old — to share their stories and impressions about Harding Township. Each remind us that we are blessed to be part of this community and how rewarding it is to find ways to become part of its fabric.

We invite you to “Tell Your Story” about your life in Harding Township. Reminisce, reflect, share. Bring us down your memory lane. Tell us what makes living here special for you. You have the pen. All are welcome to contribute—newcomers, long-timers, young or old. 

Please send us your reflection at any time by email with the subject line “Reflections on a Special Community” to

‘Kemmerer Library — 10 Years and Counting’

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