Borrow a Kemmerer Kindle

Kemmerer Library cardholders may borrow a Kindle pre-loaded with hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles, including the latest bestsellers. Kindles are loaned for a period of 14 days and renewed upon request. Our staff will also arrange for a reasonable special lending period to accommodate your travel plans.

To reserve a Kindle, send us an email to with the subject “Reserve a Kindle”. Please make sure you note the Kindle group that has the title you wish to reserve.

If you would like assistance to become familiar with a Kindle, simply send an email to with the subject “Help with Kindle”.

To browse the collection of titles on a Kemmerer Kindle, search below.

Sort your search by Kindle group to see the titles on a specific Kindle. 

Jane Harper
Kindle Group 1, Lucky Day Kindle
Demon Copperhead
Barbara Kingsolver
Kindle Group 1, Kindle Group 2, Lucky Day Kindle
Mad Honey
Jennifer Finney Boylan
Kindle Group 1
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
20, 21, 22, 23, Kindle Group 2
Stranger in the Lifeboat
Mitch Albom
Kindle Group 2
The Light Pirate
Lily Brooks-Dalton
Lucky Day Kindle
Laurie Lico Albanese
Kindle Group 2, Lucky Day Kindle
It Ends with Us
Colleen Hoover
Lucky Day Kindle
Colleen Hoover
Lucky Day Kindle
Ways and Means: Lincoln and His Cabinet and Financing the Civil War
Roger Lowenstein
Lucky Day Kindle
Take My Hand
Dolen Perkins Valdez
Kindle Group 3 (Book Club), Lucky Day Kindle
Fellowship Point
Alice Elliott Dark
Lucky Day Kindle
Maisie Dobbs
Jacqueline Winspear
Lucky Day Kindle
The Love Songs of W.E.B. DuBois
Honoree Fanonne Jeffers
Lucky Day Kindle
Inventing the It Girl: How Elinor Glyn Created the Modern Romance and Conquered Early Hollywood
Hillary A. Hallet
Lucky Day Kindle
Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order
Ray Dalio
Lucky Day Kindle
The Shore
Katie Runde
Lucky Day Kindle
Flying Solo
Linda Holmes
Lucky Day Kindle
The Beauty of Dusk: On Vision Lost and Found
Frank Bruni
Lucky Day Kindle
The Magician
Colm Toibin
Lucky Day Kindle