Hello Libby!

CloudLibrary is Moving to Libby

The county library system, MAIN, has discontinued CloudLibrary. All CloudLibrary e-content from the 37 MAIN libraries will be moving to Libby over the next few weeks. 

To access the expanded Libby collection, you must “sign out” of your Libby app, as follows:

(1) On the Libby App homepage, click on “Get Some Help” under “Help & Support”

(2) Scroll down to the bottom of the next page and “Reset Everything”.

(3) Sign in by finding Kemmerer Library in the search bar, and entering your library barcode and password.

Kemmerer Library patrons will have access to a greatly expanded collection of e-books, streaming audiobooks and an array of popular e-magazines through Libby. Patrons may also access digital magazines through our Press Reader service.

Libby e-books can be downloaded to traditional Kindle e-readers, as well as other mobile devices, tablets and computers.

CloudLibrary Migration 

  • CloudLibrary holds will no longer be accepted as of Thursday, Dec. 16th. 
  • Existing CloudLibrary holds will not migrate to Libby and you will not maintain your place in line. If you still want the book, you will need to place a hold in Libby.
  • You will no longer be able to access and read your CloudLibrary checkouts as of Tuesday, Dec. 21st
  • Your CloudLibrary reading history and saved lists will not transfer. 

New Libby 

  • Kemmerer Library patrons will continue to have “first dibs” on our Harding collection in “new Libby”. Our collection will be clearly marked.  
  • In addition, Kemmerer Library patrons will be able to place holds and checkout e-content from other libraries. Because migration will take place over a period of weeks, you will see the collection grow every day. 
  • Until the e-content of other libraries fully migrates, demand for titles in “new Libby” will far outstrip supply for e-content. This is a temporary situation that will work its way out as more titles (and copies of the same titles) are migrated over to Libby.

Harding patron feedback for Libby has been overwhelmingly positive over the years. With MAIN’s migration to Libby, our patrons will now have thousands of e-books that will be Kindle e-reader compatible, a vastly expanded array of audiobooks available for streaming, and a digital magazine collection available through a single app. 

We hope you enjoy “new Libby”! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions at desk@harding.mainlib.org.

We are also happy to hold training classes or offer one-on-one instruction, if you like.