Collection Development Policy

The Kemmerer Library Harding Township (herein referred to as “the Library”)  acquires and makes available materials which inform, educate, entertain and enrich persons as individuals and members of society. Because it is not possible for any library to acquire all materials, it is necessary for every library to employ a policy of selectivity in acquisitions. As a result, the Library provides, within its budgetary and space limitations, a general collection of materials that consists primarily of fiction titles and a smaller collection of nonfiction titles across subject areas. In addition, recognizing that demand is a valid and important factor in selection, the Library shall make available some materials which may be in widespread and persistent demand such as books on the bestseller list. As the Library belongs to a consortium of local libraries, many needs can also be met through reciprocal borrowing.

Since the community consists of individuals with diverse interests, needs, values, opinions and backgrounds, the library attempts to offer a collection that represents a variety of points of view, including positions that may be considered controversial or unpopular. The inclusion of a particular item in the collection does not constitute an endorsement of its view by the Library; rather the Library seeks to allow its users the right of intellectual freedom. The Library subscribes to the principles of the “Library Bill of Rights” and the “Freedom to Read Statement” of the American Library Association, which are included as appendices to this policy.