Meeting Room Policy
Please read this policy before reserving a room.
The Kemmerer Library Harding Township has three public meeting rooms on the lower level: Meeting Room (capacity 40-45), Multi-Purpose Room (capacity 47-55), and Lounge (capacity 6-9). Rooms are available for use by not-for-profit groups, small businesses, and private individuals. The rooms may be reserved for gatherings when not being used for Library programs. Permission to use the Library Meeting Rooms in no way implies Library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or its program; any advertising or publicity for a program must include the phrase “not a Library-sponsored activity.” The Meeting Room has conference tables and chairs (stored in the closet if not needed), a dry-erase board, a small kitchenette and a pull-down screen for visual displays; a projector is available upon request. The room may be arranged in various configurations: conference set-up for 16 or lecture set-up for 40-55. The Multi-Purpose Room has conference tables and chairs (that may be stored if not needed), dry-erase board, cork floor, and sink. This room may also be configured for conference (20 seats) or lecture set-up (47-55). There is Wi-Fi throughout the building.
Custodial Fee Scale
Fees cover use of one room for up to four hours. Payable by check in advance. Please contact the Library for multiple bookings which may be arranged for a reduced fee.
free Harding Community and Educational Groups
$50 Other Harding-based Groups
$75 Outside Harding Groups
$100 Private Parties
The Library Board of Trustees assume no liability for injury to a person or damage to property of the organization or its members. The sponsor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Township of Harding and Kemmerer Library Harding Township, its officers, employees, and agents from any loss, damage liability, costs, and/or expenses that may arise during or be caused in any way by use of the Library facilities and equipment by the sponsor or invitees of the sponsor.
  • Damage to Library property or property on loan to the Library, beyond ordinary wear and tear, will be charged to the sponsor. There must be no nailing or taping to floors, walls, or fixtures, and the building equipment must not be marked or defaced in any manner.
  • Not permitted: smoking; open flames; candles; alcoholic beverages.
  • Use of the meeting rooms during Library open hours is encouraged. Any group that wishes to meet before or after normal Library hours must designate a contact person who will be responsible for securing the building as instructed.
  • Written or electronic application for use of the Meeting Rooms must be submitted to the Library Director not more than four (4) months in advance. All applications must be approved by the Director and will be considered in the order of their receipt.
  • Groups are responsible for immediately notifying the Library of cancellation of any meeting or program.
  • Groups are responsible for setting up the room for their meeting. Following the meeting, chairs and tables must be returned to their original arrangement.
  • Groups must provide all supplies needed for the scheduled event. The Library cannot care for or store any material for groups using the meeting rooms.
  • The Meeting Room kitchenette may be used to prepare refreshments immediately prior to the meeting or event. All food and supplies must be removed from the premises immediately following the meeting or event. Trash and recyclables must be bagged and taken away. Kitchen facilities must be left clean.
  • Programs may not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Library staff will not be responsible for the supervision of children while adults attend meetings.
  • All meeting room applications must be signed by a Harding resident twenty-one (21) years of age or older. Two adults twenty-one (21) years or older must be in attendance when minors under the age of 10 use the Meeting Rooms. At least one adult twenty-one (21) years or older must be in attendance when minors over the age of 10 use the Meeting Rooms.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to cancel or suspend any permission granted to any group or organization that fails to follow this policy and reserves the right to waive regulations at its discretion.
Revised June, 2018