Library Code of Conduct

The Library is open at designated times to the public for the purpose of reading, studying, using Library materials, and participating in Library programs or events. The term “Library” when used herein encompasses the Library Building and the Library grounds except where the context indicates otherwise.

Violations of this Library Code of Conduct may result in the suspension of Library privileges, including but not limited to the right to enter the Library or Library grounds, use Library facilities and/or to borrow materials.

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The following are not permitted
  1. Violation of any Library Policy
  2. Activities that could damage the Library or Library property, including but not limited to:
  • Damaging or stealing Library property
  • Eating or drinking in the Library buildings except in designated areas or at authorized times.
  • Using scooters or skateboards or wearing roller blades or other inappropriate athletic equipment.
  • Using another person’s Library card number to borrow materials without their permission
  1. Activities that could interfere with the use of the Library by other patrons or interfere with Library personnel performing their duties, including but not limited to:
  • Making noise, running, or engaging in other disruptive conduct
  • Using audio/video equipment so that others can hear it
  • Having offensive bodily hygiene constituting a nuisance to other Library patrons
  • Being in the Library without appropriate attire (e.g. not wearing a shirt or shoes)
  • Using a cell phone or not silencing a cell phone in the Library buildings except in designated areas
  • Leaving packages, backpacks, luggage or other personal items unattended
  • Threatening, harassing, staring at or physically harming another patron or Library personnel
  • Engaging in any inappropriate sexual activity in a public place
  • Carrying a weapon unless authorized by law
  • Selling, soliciting without prior approval from the Library Director, or panhandling
  • Using the Library’s computers or Wireless connection in a disruptive or abusive manner or in violation of the Library’s Computer & Internet Acceptable Use
  • Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children (see the Library’s policy on Unattended Children)
  • Sleeping for extended periods of time or in a manner disturbing to others
  • Inappropriate use of bathrooms (e.g. no bathing or dressing)
  1. Illegal activity of any type, including but not limited to:
  • Criminal mischief
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Possession or sale of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  • Harassment
  • Intoxication
  • Public indecency
  • Engaging in sexual activity, contact or assault or any act of lewdness or exposure prohibited by law
  1. Activities requiring consultation and approval from the Library Director:
  • Soliciting contributions, petitions, or signatures
  • Conducting interviews or photo sessions inside the Library building
  • Photographing or videotaping

Anyone violating Federal statutes, State statutes, local ordinances or the Library’s policies may be required to leave the premises and may be reported to the authorities. Police assistance may be utilized if deemed advisable by the Library staff.

Unattended Children Policy

Kemmerer Library Harding Township welcomes children of all ages to the Library and hopes they will find it a warm, inviting place to read, learn and study. We welcome families and, in doing so, affirm the parent’s and/or caregiver’s responsibility for their child’s safety and well–being.

Library staff cannot assume responsibility for the care or supervision of children using the Library outside of scheduled Library programs. The Library does not serve as a baby-sitting or day care service and the Library staff has responsibilities that prevent them from providing appropriate supervision for children.

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At all times the parent or guardian is responsible for the care and supervision of the child, not the Library or any of the Library staff members. If a parent or guardian decides to leave a child unattended in the Library, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Children under the age of 7 years must be accompanied by a caregiver (age 13 or older) at all times.
  • Children aged 7-11 may be left alone in the Library for reasonable periods of time, but again parents must be aware that the Library cannot care or supervise the children. Parents remain responsible for their children’s behavior and will be contacted if necessary.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers are required to be at the Library no later than 15 minutes before closing to pick up their children.
  • Should problems arise, the Library may ask the child to leave or contact a parent. If the Library staff is unable to reach the parents, the Harding Township Police Department will be called.
  • All children should carry with them the phone number of a parent or responsible caregiver who is to be contacted in case of emergency.
  • Please refer to the Children Safety on the Internet section in the Computer & Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Kemmerer Library Harding Township provides computers that may be used by its patrons.

Computer and Internet service is made available in recognition of the Library’s role as a community center for education and information. The Internet allows Library users to access information beyond the confines of the collection located in the Library.

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Access to the Internet and Microsoft’s Office software is available on public computers located in the Adult and Children’s Rooms. Unfiltered wireless Internet connectivity without printing capabilities is also offered in most areas of the building for users with their own wireless enabled laptops and devices.

All users of the Library’s Internet service (whether with your own device or the Library’s computer) are expected to follow the Code of Conduct Policy, other Library policies as well as those outlined below.

Library Computer & Internet Rules
  1. All users of the Internet are expected to use the Internet in a responsible manner, consistent with the education and informational purposes for which they are provided.
  2. The following activities are specifically prohibited within the Library:
  • Misrepresenting yourself as another user (see Code of Conduct Policy)
  • Modifying or attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others
  • Introducing viruses to other users or the Library System
  • Seeking unauthorized access to any computer system
  • Damaging or altering the software components of any network or database
  • Interfering with the right of other users to use computers at the Library
  • Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or other information
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene or offensive to others
  • Using the Library’s computers in a disruptive, unauthorized, illegal or improper manner
  1. All users of the Library Internet service and computers must respect the privacy of others within the Library
  2. The Library reserves the right to set time limits on the use of any of the computers in the Library
  3. Generally, no more than two people will be allowed to use a computer at a time; library staff members may use their discretion in specific instances to allow more than two people on a computer
  4. Any adult using a computer in the Children’s Room must be accompanied by a child
  5. Children fifth grade and under must use the computers in the Children’s Room (see Child Safety on the Internet section below)
  6. You may access the Library’s WIFI with your own device, but you are not permitted to access any Kemmerer Library Harding Township network with your own device
Child Safety on the Internet
The Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents, caretakers or guardians to guide, determine and monitor their children’s use of the Internet but the Library’s policies for computer and internet use apply at all times.

Parents, caretakers and guardians should be aware that children who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information and images.

Please read the Unattended Children Policy for further guidance.

Library Assistance

Time permitting, Library staff is available to assist a patron in his/her use of the computer, software or Internet. Staff will try to answer specific questions about the Internet and offer suggestions for effective searching.

Staff can also provide information about Internet training opportunities and Internet books and manuals. However, each user is responsible for his or her own searches on the Internet.


Use of the Library’s computers is free; however, there is a charge for printing and other materials supplied by the Kemmerer Library Harding Township.

Users agree not to incur any costs for the Library through their use of the Internet service. Any costs incurred will be the users’ responsibility and the Library will pursue the collection thereof.