Toddler Storytime
Toddler Storytime is for pre-schoolers and their caregiver. Early listening and literacy skills are developed with stories, songs, and activities.
Wee Yogis
A fun, playful yoga class for children age 3-5 with qualified instructor Miss Whitney.  Children will develop a mind-body connection, release stress, gain confidence and learn to express themselves through yoga, mindfulness, music, and interactive play.
Registration required with $20 per child (for 4 classes) payable at first class please.
Bookworms is for children age 10-12 who love to read and talk about books with friends. This month’s pick is ‘Absolutely Truly’ by Heather Vogel Frederick. Join us for cocoa and cookies in front of the fire!
Song and Dance of the Roaring Twenties
Christine DeLeon will discuss American culture and musical icons of the 1920s and make you smile with performances of treasured songs and the popular dance of that era, the Charleston! Registration requested, please.