My MAIN Account
Your MAIN online account allows you to manage your borrowing and preferences, check for overdue items, and reserve Kemmerer Library items as well as items owned by other MAIN libraries.
Getting Started
When you register for a library card at Kemmerer Library, your MAIN online account is automatically generated.
  • Go to
  • Click the MAIN Catalog link at the top of the page.
  • Click on the My Account drop-down menu in the blue bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in your 13 digit library card number in the Barcode/Username box (you can change your username later). Then type in the 4 digit password you received when you received your library card. This is usually the 4 last digits of your telephone number, and this, too, may be changed later.
  • These steps take you to the MAIN Catalog home page.
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Things to do with My Account
Use the My Account drop down menu (top blue bar) to manage your loans and information. Below are your options:

My Record

Contact Information and Preferences

You will not be able to change your address information yourself; any corrections or changes must be done at the Library. However, you can change your e-mail/phone information, indicate how you prefer to be contacted, and check if you wish to maintain a reading list. Remember to click the Submit Change Request button to confirm changes.

Change Logon

This menu allows you to change your username and password. Click Save to confirm new logon information.

Items Out/ Renewals

This page shows a list of all items checked out. To the right of each title the number of renewals possible will be listed. You can renew an item by checking the box to the right of the item title and then clicking Renew Selected Items at the bottom. You will not be able to renew an item if it is non-renewable, if another patron has requested the item, or if you have exceeded the maximum number of renewals.

Fines and Fees

This page shows any outstanding fines. Items which have not been returned will be shown as overdue on the Items Out page, but will have no fines assessed. If you wish to see the estimated fines on overdue items, click the box for Estimate Fines.


This page shows a list on items requested. To the right of the title, its status is noted: On Waiting List, En Route, or Ready for Pick-Up. The buttons at the bottom allow you to cancel or suspend a request for a period of time. The latter is convenient if you are planning a vacation and want to ensure you are in the Township when the item comes in. Items ready for pick-up are held for 7 at the Library. If not collected, they are returned to the lending library.

Reading History

This feature must be activated at the Library by a librarian. Once activated, it allows you to see your borrowing history over the prior 5 years.
Requesting an item
  1. From, click MAIN Catalog or from My Account, click the Search Options tab and select your search criteria (e.g. title, author, or keyword) and search method (e.g. browse, advanced, Boolean, etc.).
  2. From the drop down menu select search criteria (title, author, etc.) and then type in keyword or phrase with “a/an” and “the” at the beginning omitted.
  3. From the list of results, click your title of choice.
  4. The new page will show the title image (usually) and a description. To the right there are 3 options:
  • Find a Copy: Which libraries own the title and where it is available.
  • Full Display: Detailed information at the title plus reviews.
  • Place Request: Reserve the title to be delivered to your library of choice. Click this button.
  1. From the drop-down menu, select the library where you would like to pick up the item.
  2. Click Submit Request. You will be notified when the item arrives at the Library.
When searching the MAIN online catalog, the Quick Start feature auto-generates suggestions as you type. This is convenient when you are not quite sure of the author or title of an item. The Browse feature can be set to Title, Author, Subject, Series. This is useful when you know this information in advance of searching the catalog.