Beekeeping 101
Meet and Learn from the Experts
Local beekeepers (and masterminds behind the Library’s honeybee project) will give an informative presentation on beekeeping for absolute beginners. They will discuss education, equipment, care and maintenance of the hives, the life of honeybees, and honey extraction.
If you have been thinking about beginning a beekeeping project, or if you’re just curious to learn what it takes to keep a beehive, this program is an ideal introduction.
Refreshments will be served (honey-based, of course!). Registration requested, please.
Preserve Your Memorabilia
Digital Preservation Event
The Friends of Kemmerer Library are sponsoring a digital preservation event to help library patrons preserve personal collections of print, photographs, slides and audio-visual material including VHS videos, 8mm and 16mm movies.
The Friends have partnered with Digital Memory Media (a Division of Innovative Document Imaging LLP), a leading provider of digital imaging services to provide preservation services to patrons.
Digital Memory Media advisors will be on hand on Thursday evening to counsel patrons on the best way to digitally preserve their collections. Materials can be brought to the library the day of the session. Once scanned and digitized, patrons will be notified of a date and time to retrieve their material from the Library.
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Please click these links for more information: Prices and program information. This video offers a great overview of the process.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Library.
The Power of SEL Parenting
With Kathleen McClay and Barbara Thomas
Today’s children are living with unprecedented amounts of stress. Social-emotional learning (“SEL”) builds coping mechanisms, grit and resiliency. Studies have revealed an 11-17% increase in standardized test scores and reduced anxiety levels in students. The wonderful news: Parents can teach these skills!
Come learn about SEL through this fun, interactive presentation. You are sure go home with a few ready-to-use tips and techniques for cultivating these skills and empowering your children to reach their fullest potential. This workshop is for parents of children of ages 0 to 18 yrs.
It’s the Bee’s Knees!
Our Honeybee Project Is Ready to Launch
Pollinators all over the world are in danger of extinction due to pesticide use, habitat loss, and climate change. In collaboration with local beekeepers, Kemmerer Library is doing its small part to protect our honeybees: This spring we are establishing two beehives on the municipal campus and will be caring for them all summer long.
Beehive Inspection
Join the beekeepers while they inspect the hives to check the health of the honeybees and how the honey production is faring. All ages are welcome!
No registration required. All ages are welcome
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STEM Afternoon: Pollinator Garden Planting
Help us plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables that support honeybees and other pollinators, and make a hanging watering spot for insects. You will get dirty, so please wear old clothes!
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