The winning numbers for the wine baskets are:
Basket #1: 906594
Basket #2: 906357
Basket #3: 906362
Basket #4: 906362
Basket #5: 906602
Basket #6: 906500
Basket #7: 906436
Basket #8: 906437
Basket #9: 906352
Thank you, everyone, for coming tonight!
50 Shades of Taking Charge
Lectures on All Topics Related to Aging Well
We all know that “60 is the new 30,” but many issues relate uniquely to getting older, which, in the memorable words of Bette Davis “is not for sissies.”
Since 2013 we have sponsored great talks and workshops on all topics related to aging and aging well — from creaky joints to choosing a financial advisor. This fall and winter, we’re pleased to offer another great roster of experts covering a wide range of topics.
As always, a light lunch will be served, and registration is requested.
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  • : Lorie Gardner of Healthlink Advocates — Advocating for Yourself or a Loved One in Sickness and Health
  • : Marie Lupo, Healing Arts at Atlantic Health System — Get Creative and Feel Good!
  • : Cheryl Walters, Norwescap — Fitness for Balance, Strength and Wellness
  • : Jennifer Ferrico and Erika Downes, Neat Method — It’s a New Year: Let’s Get Organized!
New! The Lanzerotti Lecture
Celebrating Harding’s Talents
Considering its tiny population, Harding Township can boast an impressive number of notable persons including political figures, philanthropists, artists, authors, and sport celebrities. Few are as recognized as Dr. Louis (“Lou”) Lanzerotti, whose long career in the space sciences has won him numerous awards and honors.
Harding Township residents are cordially invited the inaugural “Lanzerotti Lecture,” an occasional event featuring a Harding resident who has been recognized for his or her achievements in their field of expertise. On Sunday, November 13, Dr. Lanzerotti will give the inaugurating lecture entitled, “A life in space research: science, engineering, and policy.”
Refreshments will be served. Registration requested, please.
iPhone/iPad Workshops
i-Update with Caitlin Trought
Caitlin Trought, local expert on all this “i”, is back with two timely workshops for iPhone and iPad users, beginning and intermediate. Caitlin will cover important updates, operating system changes, device maintenance, as well as general troubleshooting. Downloading online e-books, audiobooks, and magazines from the Library website will also be covered.
Registration requested, please.
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