The Library will be closed Monday, May 29
in observance of Memorial Day
Summer Reading Program
‘Build a Better World’
Kick-off your summer reading with an ‘Art Kid’s Academy’ special event. Take part in an art workshop on architecture, peace and the future, pick-up your summer reading packet and select some books from our specially selected collection to get you started! For kids age 5-14.
‘Building a town of readers!’
Registration requested, please.
College Prep Workshops
For High School Students and Their Parents
Are you daunted by the prospect of searching for and applying to college and don’t know where to begin? Is so, don’t miss this great new series of 4 workshops, led by Katie Boyer, local resident and independent college consultant with many years of experience in the field. Each session will feature expert panelists. Please note: New Dates!
Refreshments will be served. Registration required, please.
Looking beyond the bumper sticker – How soon should families start thinking about the college process? How can families find schools where a student will thrive? Should students do test prep? What things can students do outside of the classroom to improve chances of getting into college? This session will focus on how to manage the four years of high school, when to start the college search, and how to find a school that matches your child’s strengths and learning style. Parents are cordially invited to join this introductory session.
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: Application Anxiety – Applying to colleges can feel stressful. What standardized test should I take? How and when do I send my scores? How do I send a transcript? What about recommendations? How many schools should I apply to? What should I write my essay about? Do I need to interview at my schools? Should I use the Common App, the Coalition App, or a school application? Should I apply Early Action, Early Decision, or Regular Decision? The application process can feel overwhelming. We will help make sense of choices available to students.
: They’ve picked me. Now I have to pick one of them. How do I pick which college to attend? – During this session, we will discuss all of the things to consider when making your final selection. We will discuss financial aid, scholarships, and overall cost of college. Other considerations might be majors, activities, distance from home, Greek life, and Job/Grad School placement. Helping a student pick the best fit requires looking at a variety of factors.
Making the transition to college. “Toto, we’re not in high school anymore…” For many students, college is the first time they will live independently. In this session we will discuss navigating new friendships, the realities of college parties, how to manage time, taking care of one’s physical and mental health, and learning how to manage personal finances.
Father’s Day Fun
Make something special for Dad!
Calling all kids (age 5+) to the ‘Kemmerer Kitchen’ to concoct a spice rub for Dad’s next BBQ. Measure and mix the secret formula and package it with a personal touch.
A thoughtful Father’s Day gift he is sure to love!
Registration required, please.
6th Grade Book Club
Chat & Chew
If you are in 6th grade, enjoy reading and chatting about books, this club is for you. Please come and join us!
The next book to be discussed is the Newbery Medal winner for 2017, ‘The Girl Who Drank the Moon’ by Kelly Barnhill. Snacks will be served!
Newcomers registration required, please.
Art4All — Acrylics for Beginners
There will be no class Thursday, April 13. If you would like to sign up for the class on April 20, please register below by Tuesday, April 18.
All levels are welcome. Just bring a canvas and paintbrushes. The Library supplies easels, paint, and palettes.
$20 per session.
Registration required, please, by Tuesday of the week of the Thursday session.
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